Successful Placement & Reward


When your referred candidate successfully secures a position with one of our clients and completes their probationary period, it's time for you to celebrate your referral success. As a token of our appreciation, you become eligible for our $800 referral bonus.


Within three months after your referred candidate's start date, we process the payment, ensuring you receive the well-deserved reward for your valuable contribution to our recruitment efforts.

Candidate Assessment


Once we receive your referral, our experienced recruitment team swings into action. We carefully evaluate each referred candidate to assess their suitability for the available opportunities.


Our expertise in candidate assessment allows us to identify the individuals who align best with the specific requirements of our clients. Throughout the process, we maintain open lines of communication with the candidates, guiding them through the application and interview process with professionalism and support.

Submit Referrals


Making a referral is simple with our user-friendly referral submission form. Just fill in the required details about your referral's skills, experience, and contact information.


It's important to include your own information as well, ensuring that you receive proper credit for your referral. This way, we can track and acknowledge your valuable contribution to our network.

How it works


Identify talented individuals within your network who would thrive in their next career move. Share the details of our referral program and the exciting opportunities we offer.


Your network is a valuable source of talent, and we encourage you to tap into it. Think about those individuals you've worked with, collaborated alongside, or even connected with professionally. Identify those exceptional individuals who possess the skills, experience, and drive to excel in their next career move.

Easy money does exist 😱

When you refer a qualified candidate to us, you not only open doors to exciting career opportunities for them, but also become eligible for our exclusive referral rewards program.


For each successful referral who joins one of our client organizations, we will express our gratitude with a generous $800 bonus.

⭐ Refer someone ⭐

We believe that great talent knows great talent


That's why we value and appreciate the power of referrals from our network. Your connections and recommendations can help us discover exceptional professionals who align perfectly with our clients' needs.


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